Abdominal Pain - Stomach Pain

ABDOMINAL PAIN - We had a 38 year old male present to our Urgent Care with stomach pains throughout the abdomen - felt bloated and achy pain. Had a decrease in appetite. Our physician conducted a detailed exam did an xray of the abdomen to find the patient with significant gas and stool throughout the colon. Medications were prescribed and within a day the patient felt no symptoms after having a GOOD bowel movement. Abdominal pain can be due to different diagnosis but one common diagnosis is Gas pain. It can be so severe at times that it can mimick a heart attack or significant chest pain. If you have abdominal pain it is best to seek medical attention. We at Lani City Medical Urgent Care can perform labs and imaging studies to help diagnose the cause of pain and get you treatment right away. Eating a well balanced diet which is rich in fiber will help stool pass through the colon more easier.

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