Dangerous High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause numerous other health issues on the human body. It is always recommended to have your blood pressure screened at every visit to a clinician's office. Even though you might not feel it but elevated blood pressure can continue to increase. Symptoms can also be felt at any stage of a higher blood pressure reading. When a blood pressure hits a certain level then a diagnosis is made of Hypertensive Urgency and required immediate medication to bring down the blood pressure.


What is Hypertensive Urgency?

Hypertensive urgency is an elevation in blood pressure of: systolic blood pressure (top number) greater than 180 or diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) greater than 110 without evidence of organ damage (lungs, heart, neurological system, kidneys, etc). Hypertensive urgency if left untreated can progress to a variety of acute, life-threatening complications.


What are some of the signs and/or symptoms?

Patient’s may complain of a mild headache, chest pain, dizziness, or increased fatigue to name a few. In some cases patients may not have any symptoms at all.


What are some of the risk factors that can cause Hypertensive Urgency?

History of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease or non-compliance with current blood pressure medication.


How would you treat Hypertensive Urgency?

Patients who present in clinic with hypertensive urgency will be started on an oral blood pressure medication with the goal of lowering the blood pressure slowly over 24 to 48 hours. If blood pressure is lowered to rapidly this can lead to adverse affects such as too low of a blood pressure or lack of blood to vital organs such as the heart or brain. Patients will have close follow up to ensure better long-term blood pressure control.

Here at Lani City Medical we strive to having our patients in the best health possible and one way of doing that is controlling the blood pressure. Eating a low salt diet and exercising regularly can help maintain a normal blood pressure.


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