History and Facts about the dreaded Corona Virus / COVID-19


Due to the reporting of multiple health agencies we can say that the epicenter of the outbreak was in Wuhan, China. Due to the culture of having a robust live and wild animal market it is believed that the spread of the virus was from animal to human. However it was found that the virus is spread from human to human when it was discovered patients who had no contact with the live animals were in fact being diagnosed with the Corona Virus. Due to this spread of the virus, patient are now being diagnosed in almost every part of the world. The corona virus has been with us for many years and is not a new virus - however this specific strain of the virus is what is being considered as more deadly.



According to the CDC the symptoms patient will experience while infected will be much like the common cold or flu. Which may include but not limited to fevers, coughing, body aches, headaches and congestion.

However the complete clinical picture with regard to COVID-19 is not fully known. Severe symptoms have resulted in death of the patient. While the CDC is still studying the full clinical picture of the virus, some reports have come out recently that this could potentially be deadlier then the flu virus. Once of the main reasons for this is due to the fragmented clinic picture. Studies are underway to truly understand this virus.



Although the clinical picture is being studied to its entirety some common prevention tips are as follows:

- Washing you hand with soap and water for 20 seconds

- Using alcohol based sanitizers throughout the day

- Stay clear of people who have coughing or are sick

- Try avoiding touching your face - nose and mouth with your hands

- if you are having cold symptoms - be seen at a medical clinic to test for possible FLU which is still rampant.

- if you have cold symptoms and have been diagnosed with the common cold - stay home, rest, drink plenty of water


As we are still studying this virus it is important to practice proper hygiene.

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