We are offering COVID-19 testing. We offer ALL 3 available methods of testing - Nasal Swab/PCR test, Serology/Antibody test, Rapid Serology test. To find out more about each method of testing please read our blog post at

To be tested, please schedule a VIRTUAL appointment at This visit is very brief and you will be screened by a provider with a few medically necessary questions. As medically indicated, the provider will then order the test and schedule you for Drive thru testing which is often the same day as the virtual visit. Rarely, if the demand is really high for a given day, you may be asked to come the next day. Please refrain from walking into the clinic for the screening appointment, especially if you are symptomatic, for the safety of others.

The usual turnaround time for results is dependant on how busy the lab is. You will be notified as soon as we have the results.

Different insurance companies have different protocols in place regarding coverage of COVID-19 tests. For example, some insurance companies cover only the Nasal Swab testing and not the Serology test. To avoid unexpected costs, we strongly encourage you to call your insurance company and find out about your individual coverage.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 909-727-3911/909-465-5000.

Stay Safe!

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