If you are looking to get tested for COVID 19 at one of our facilities, please take a moment to review the following information.  


1. What type of  COVID test is offered at Lani City Medical Urgent Care? 

We offer the COVID PCR test - 
a. RAPID NAAT/PCR Test - This test is processed in our facility and guarantees same day results within a couple of hours. 
b. STANDARD RT-PCR Test - This test is processed at an outside lab (ex. Westpac, quest, labcorp). The turn around time for results is usually 1-3 days but is subject to change based on outside lab's processing time. 

2.  Can I walk in to get tested? 

No. The testing is by appointment only. 

3. How can I schedule an appointment? 

In order to get tested, you need to be screened by a provider via a Video Visit first. You can schedule the video visit here - Once you have completed the video visit, the provider will order the test for you and give you instructions to come in for Drive thru Swabbing. 

4. Will I be tested the same day as the Video Visit? 

Yes. If your video visit is before 3PM, you will be tested the same day. If your visit is after 3PM, you  maybe tested the same day or the next day based on provider's discretion and test availability. 

5. How do I get my results? 

During registration an email will be sent to you. This email will have instructions on how to sign up for our patient portal. As soon as we receive the results, the results are published on the patient portal. You will be able to find the report under the results section. 

6. Is the test free?

Most insurances cover the cost of COVID test. Please click here to find out if we are in network with your insurance - (scroll down to find a list). 
If you do not have insurance, the standard PCR test will be covered under the CARES act.  

7. Why do I need a Video Visit? 

During the Video visit, the provider takes the time to medically assess you, ask you questions about your symptoms, orders the test and give you medical advice and prescription as necessary. We want to make sure you not only get tested but receive appropriate medical care as well.  

8. Why can't I walk in? 

For the safety of our patients in clinic (without COVID symptoms) and staff, at this time we are unable to do walk in testing or walk in visits for any COVID like symptoms.  
We hope you found this information helpful. We you have any questions, you can contact us by phone, contact us form on this website and by google business. We look forward to seeing you! 


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