Why Find an Urgent Care For Pre-employment Clearance Exams?

Entering your dream job is one of the most unforgettable life milestones, primarily if you've worked hard. It's a significant win worth celebrating with your best friends, family, and partners. This endeavor also allows you to pursue your passion. 

However, the work continues after submitting the necessary identification and signing the contract. You must also submit a pre-employment physical exam to prove you’re physically and mentally fit for the job. Many people hesitate to contact their doctors because they're busy, but an urgent care center can provide pre-employment clearance exams. 

This article will enumerate five reasons to consider visiting an urgent care center for pre-employment physical exams.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Everyone wants quality medical care and physical exams without breaking the bank, but the flawed healthcare system prevents most people from accessing that. The high deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses can make affording these services challenging. Fortunately, that’s not the case for urgent care centers. 

Unlike emergency rooms, urgent care centers have lower costs and transparent pricing to help you know how much you’ll pay for your services. Most of these medical facilities also accept insurance and can offer affordable cash-pay options if you don’t have a medical plan to cover the costs. 

2. Better Accessibility

People want better accessibility when accessing healthcare services like physicals, and urgent care provides that. Unlike primary care physicians working during regular business hours, urgent care centers are always open. They also have extended hours, making scheduling appointments that work around your hectic schedules easier. 

Moreover, these medical facilities have multiple locations, allowing people from different areas to access them easily. That way, you don’t need to travel far to access quality healthcare services and find a location near your home or office. 

3. Quicker Results

Pre-employment physical exams are necessary to ensure you're healthy enough to work in your dream job. However, the waiting period for results can be frustrating, especially if you're excited to start your new career. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait long to know if you’re eligible for employment by scheduling one at an urgent care center. 

Most urgent care centers have on-site labs and diagnostic equipment, allowing them to perform tests and procedures quickly. They also have trained staff to interpret test results to help you get the needed answers promptly. That way, you can start your job sooner rather than later.

4. High-Quality Healthcare

Everyone deserves to access quality healthcare, and an urgent care center can help patients get the healthcare they need. These facilities have trained healthcare providers like licensed physicians and nurses to provide professional medical services. They also have the latest technology and equipment to ensure that you receive accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Moreover, they provide various healthcare services, including pre-employment physical exams. They also treat minor illnesses and injuries like colds, flu, and sprains. Urgent care centers could even refer you to an emergency room or a specialist if you need further medical attention.

5. Convenience

Everybody wants to access medical care conveniently; an urgent care center can help. Their extended hours and multiple locations let you get healthcare services at your most convenient time and place, and you don't postpone work or reschedule your appointment to receive medical attention.

Urgent care centers also provide walk-in services, so you don't need to schedule an appointment beforehand. If you're rushing or busy, you can walk into an urgent care center and receive pre-employment clearance physical exams. You can also receive treatment for minor illnesses and injuries without waiting hours in an emergency room.


Pre-employment clearance exams are usually necessary for jobs requiring heavy-lifting tasks, but getting them in other health facilities can be frustrating because of the long waiting times. You can start working sooner by scheduling physicals at a reputable urgent care center. 

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